in December of 2018 is when Parsons Printwares was born. The family sectioned off a section of our garage where we could place some old equipment. None of knew how to screen print but we were ready to take on the challenge.
In the beginning


We struggled with the old equipment but learned a lot at the same time. We printed many batches of shirts and hoodies through the first few months and then then we decided to print off materials for an event we attending at the end of summer.

We had promised to bring a lot of apparel to the even and we had a very tight deadline. We started printing the designs which were five color spot process designs and we quick realized that something was wrong with the press and our conveyor dryer.

Friends to the rescue. The screen printing industry is a very tight niche group and they came to my rescue. I was told I could bring everything to a groups shop and use there equipment to get the work done and that they had no problem putting there business on hold to help me through. On their equipment with their tips and tricks and training we got it done.

After using their printing equipment I quickly realized that our equipment needed replaced before I could put out a product I could be proud of. We expanded the shop and bought all new equipment.


Starting Off 2020

Starting with new equipment bought at the end of last year brought good things. We have added a Roland printer cutter for stickers and banners to add to our offering.


We have been printing a lot of contract jobs this year and feel we have perfected out skill but I must say it seems like there always something new to learn and do better. Things are different for us all this year hope everyone stay healthy and safe.


It is now December 2020 what a year it has been. We have met many good people and brought many projects to light. Through the year we have had to out source our embroidery. I am happy to announce a commercial embroidery machine is on its way to the shop.

We here at Parsons Printwares wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to serving you in 2021.

Parsons Printwares Logo 2020